Wineries We’ve Enjoyed Visiting

If you know us then you know that wherever we travel to we always try to stop at any wineries we come across.  Well, why is that?  (be nice now!)

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Well the obvious answer is we enjoy wine and are always looking for something new to try.  That’s certainly true, but there is also much more to it.  At their most basic, wineries are simply grape farms.  Vines are planted, nourished, cared for, and then grapes are harvested.  The harvested grapes are crushed, fermented, aged, and bottled.  The resulting wines can tell an amazing story.  This story can have many characters in it: the location, the soil, the weather, the grape variety, the harvest, the winemaker and the winery.  The story can change over time as the characters do not necessarily remain the same forever.  For us, we go to see, hear, smell and taste the story.  We go to see the location which can vary from picturesque hill slopes along a river, to flat gravelly plains.    We hear the stories from the wine steward or wine maker as to how the wine was made, as well as what they are trying to achieve with it.  We then smell and taste the wine and it sings to us.  Sometimes the song is a melodic folk song.  Sometimes it is headbanger music.  Sometimes it is an incredibly complex and satisfying world-class symphony.

We certainly enjoy wine at home as well as our favorite wine bar, but we believe to truly appreciate what goes into the fermented grape juice you’re drinking, the best experience is to go taste it where it was produced.

These pages are from our wine journeys and we hope you enjoy.  If you want to go visit any of these locations, let us know we are expert at converting dreams into reality!  Please keep coming back as we continue to add more wineries.

Sonoma County, California

Ledson Winery & Vineyards – Home of “The Castle”

Waiheke Island New Zealand

Cable Bay Vineyard – Amazing ocean views

Stonyridge Vineyard – Home of Larose, one of the top 100 Wines in the World.

Hawke’s Bay New Zealand

Eskdale Winegrowers – Greatest Winery You’ve Never Heard Of

Te Awa Winery – In the heart of Gimblett Gravels

Tasmania, Australia

Moorilla Winery at MONA – World class museum with world class winery


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