Moorilla Winery at MONA – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Moorilla is the name of the winery located at MONA, which is an acronym for Museum of Old and New Art.  The Praxis series wines are meant to drink now, young and easy drinking.  The Muse series are more complicated, blended with an old world philosophy for a broad spectrum of flavor.

At MONA is a museum, a restaurant, a brewery, a winery and the Pavillions where the lucky among us get to stay for a night or two so we can experience all MONA has to offer.  While some might say the museum is a bit challenging, it is nonetheless fascinating, intriguing and certainly one of the great museums of the world. It is a rotating private collection with a mixture of the ancient and the modern.  The highly personal nature of the collection captivates the visitor from start to finish.  Additionally, for $75,000 Australian Dollars you can get an eternity membership at MONA which includes having your cremated remains placed in a fancy jar and kept in the museum.  We have not quite raised the funds yet…

Anyway, if you are ever anywhere near Hobart, you must stop in.  It’s not just for tasting the wines, it’s for the whole MONA experience.

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