St. Petersburg & The Baltic

This sample itinerary is for eight days and includes five countries, five distinctive cities, and all the culture you can handle.  Cruise Dates to be announced

From Stockholm our first stop is Estonia. You’ll be charmed by the medieval town of Tallinn, filled with old churches and a bustling town square. Shop for crafts on quaint St. Catherine’s Passage and discover the city’s secret 17th century tunnel system.

We approach St. Petersburg with a long and fascinating ride upriver to the heart of the city. Laced together by tributaries and canals, this jewel of Russian culture is best understood with a boat tour. You’ll visit the great museums, summer palaces, glittering churches and grand monuments that make it a top-ranked destination.

A day at sea brings you to Helsinki, famous for innovative design in furniture, technology, clothing and fabrics. Visit one of the market halls for an authentic taste of local culture, or take an architecture tour of Art Nouveau buildings.

What’s your life look like on-board an Azamara ship?

 Day 1- Depart from Stockholm Sweden

Our cruise departs from Stockholm Sweden.  We recommend arriving a couple days early so you have time to explore and see all that Stockholm has to offer.  Lively and cosmopolitan the city sports an appealing mix of modern Scandinavian architecture and fairy tale palaces, watched over by a Board of Beauty, responsible for preserving the city. One third of its area is devoted to green space, and another third to waterways, providing lots of room to breathe.  Gamla Stan is the oldest section, retaining the medieval layout of narrow meandering paths. For the contemporary take there’s Sodermalm, known trendily as SoFo, with welcoming restaurants and pubs, specialty shops, and boutiques. Stieg Larson fans hang out here, as it is the area of the city where most action in the Millennium novels takes place.

Day 2 – Tallinn, Estonia

Despite occupation at one time or another by each of its near neighbors, Tallinn is independent-minded and has creative ways of showing it – consider the Singing Revolution of 1988, the massive musical demonstration against Soviet rule that set Estonia on the path to independence.  Visit St Olav’s Church, once the tallest building in the world, at least until 1625. Then pull up a chair at one of the cafés in the charming town square, heart of the city for 800 years. After your coffee, explore St. Catherine’s Passage, a quaint old lane, home to a collection of craft workshops, and check out the secret 17th C. tunnel system.

For more details, check out the Azamara explorer guide for Tallinn.

Day 3 – St. Petersburg, Russia


Tsar Peter the Great founded this magnificent city in 1703 as a window to the West, a launching pad for his attempt to modernize Russia and open up to outside influences. The architecture is varied and striking, with golden domed churches, and an astounding number of large and extravagantly decorated palaces, consistently evoking wows from visitors. The grandest include the countryside Peterhof, with its lavish gardens and majestic golden fountains cascading down to the Gulf of Finland; and the Winter Palace, within the complex of the Hermitage, one of the world’s largest museums, with a collection of some three million works of art and artifacts.

On our special cruise, we will dock in the heart of St, Petersburg and spend 3 full days so you can see everything it has to offer.

For more details on things to do in St Petersburg – check out the Azamara Explorer Guide


Day 4 – St. Petersburg, Russia

Day 5 – St. Petersburg, Russia

Located on Palace Square, the Hermitage, founded by Catherine the Great, is one of the word’s greatest treasuries of art and culture. The enormous collection of over three million exhibits vies for attention with the impressive building and furnishings.

Day 6 – Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a successful blend of traditional and modern architecture and design, interwoven with the beauty of nature, and a few quirky, purely Finnish touches – such as a church built inside a giant chunk of granite, and a venue that is a unique combination of café, restaurant, bar, laundromat, and sauna. Classic Russian onion-domed churches share the stage with Nordic minimalism, and a large concentration of Art Nouveau buildings. Prominent globally in the fields of technology (think Nokia) and design (Marimekko and Aero), Finland has also recently topped the charts as having the world’s best educational system.

For more details on visiting Helsinki – check out the Azamara explorer guide

Day 7 – At Sea

A day to relax on board.  We think you’ll find plenty to do.

Day 8 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Our cruise ends in Copenhagen – there is so much to see and do here that we recommend staying a couple of days before heading home.

Copenhagen is known as a city of spires: the skyline of its medieval core is punctuated only by the steeples of churches and towers of palaces, though a modern building boom has overtaken other parts of the city.  Today’s Copenhagen is known for its excellent quality of life and environmental consciousness – with many parks, it is green both literally and in today’s sense of the word. It is also bicycle-friendly, with bike paths lining almost every major street. After a ride or wander through the old town, stop for a local repast of Smørrebrød, traditional open-face sandwiches, or a mouthwatering Danish pastry.

For more details on Copenhagen – check out the Azamara explorer guide.

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