Zenke &Trzesniewski Wedding

Carrie & John will say I do on Feb 11, 2019 at the amazing Secrets Maroma, Riviera Maya Mexico

The Bride

Carrie grew up in a small knit family in Milwaukee WI with one older and one younger brother. She was a tomboy through and through and loved fun weekends up north on castle rock lake getting dirty with her brothers. The three of them certainly kept her parents on their feet!

In high school Carrie loved being a girly girl and didn’t miss a high school dance. But like most girls, she lived through her share of heart breaks yet emerged from high school still believing in happily ever after.

College was a mess of confusion, not knowing what she wanted to become. Carrie switched back and forth between degrees but little did she know this would lead her to John.

The Groom

John grew up with a small family in Mukwonago WI. Being an only child he got to do a lot of one on one things with his parents.  One of his favorite things was going on hunting and fishing trips with his dad and friends.

John graduated early from high school and enlisted in the army. He traveled with the military for 2 years before returning home to work construction with his dad.  During that time, he found a love for welding and metal, which lead him to return to school. Little did John know that his decision would lead him to find Carrie.

The Couple

First day of economics class at WCTC in the E building. Carrie was early and sat in the far back corner away from everyone, scarred of what this class would be. One minute before class started John walked in with his motorcycle helmet, stopped in the door way skimmed the class, and saw Carrie.  He sat down right next to her.

The first few days of class neither spoke but when the homework started, John became the knight in shining armor and allowed Carrie to copy his work. John even went so far as to tell the teacher Carrie knew the answers during chapter discussion. So, from knight in shining armor to hey dude you are embarrassing me, Carrie grew to think John was beyond annoying and truth be told, she didn’t care much for him. But then test time came around….and John helped Carrie pass the first test and well perhaps he wasn’t as annoying as she thought.

As spring approached, John called Carrie to ask her out for ice cream after class one day. Okay maybe he was still a little annoying because she told him she was already home when she was still in the parking lot at school! But John persisted and the following weekend they had a doggie play date with their 3 dogs. Now that is a way to a girls heart….through her dog…and it was all history from that point forward!

The Proposal

Two and a half years later in downtown Lake Geneva John got down on one knee and asked Carrie to make it a life time forever. She was beyond surprised, he did everything she asked for; a photographer to catch it all, in fall and by the lake. She couldn’t say YES fast enough! They have started their happily ever after and invite you to join them in witnessing as they say I DO!


The Wedding Plans

Carrie and John are planning a relaxed wedding on the beach in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Their vision is toes in the sand, bright purple and orange flowers and a wonderful sunset on the beach. They look forward to warm sun, white sand and of course a beer in the hand!

They hope you can join them on February 11, 2019

The Destination

The Riviera Maya, also known as the Mayan Riviera is located along the Caribbean coastline of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula.   The Riviera Maya extends from the town of Puerto Morelos, just south of Cancun to the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto located 25 miles south of Tulum.

Riviera Maya Map

The Riviera Maya is often referred to as paradise on earth, with nearly 100 miles of coastline with white sand beaches, ecological reserves, emerald-green jungle and the incomparable turquoise blue sea.

The second largest reef system in the world is just off the shores of the Riviera Maya.  Where there are gaps in the reef (Playa del Carmen, Xpu-Ha and Tulum) you will find wonderful beaches.  Where the reef is prominent you get good snorkeling and diving.  Here mangrove often occupy the shoreline; the beaches are sandy up to the water but then the bottom becomes rockier.

Inland you will find jungle, caverns and the famous cenotes (sinkholes) as well as famous Mayan ruins.

Tulum, Mexico

Carrie and John are looking forward to sinking their toes into the sand here real soon!


Carrie and John have chosen the beautiful and very romantic resort, Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun, Riviera Maya Mexico.

Just wait till you see it! Maroma Beach has been named one of the top beaches in the world and tucked onto it is the Secrets Maroma Beach Resort.  Just a about 20 minutes from the Cancun airport, it is a short commute to happiness in the form of beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

The Secrets Maroma provides opulence for even the most discerning traveler, each suite is truly deluxe featuring inspiring views of the expansive gardens or ocean. Twelve smaller pools offer several suites private swim out access, while the pristine infinity pool provides breathtaking views stretching to the horizon.

The suites are finely appointed with four poster canopy king beds (or 2 doubles), private and furnished terraces or balconies, full Italian marble bathrooms with jetted whirlpool baths, daily refreshed minibars and 24-hour room and concierge services. All rooms are smoke free. For those who want just a little more, the preferred club suites offer upgraded amenities, a private club lounge, daily continental breakfast, afternoon hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and exquisite desserts and fine liquors in the preferred lounge, a pillow menu, complimentary newspaper daily, complementary computer access in the preferred lounge, upgraded mini bar service, upgraded bath amenities, and complimentary access to the spa hydrotherapy circuit.

Six gourmet a la carte restaurants plus a fine buffet intrigue even the most selective palate. Savor Pan Asian cuisine at Himitsu, Mediterranean flavors at Portofino, authentic Mexican favorites at El Patio and delectable French cuisine served at Bordeaux. For a lighter fare head to COCO café and enjoy delicious coffee and savory pastries.

Snorkel, scuba, kayak or sail on one of the best beaches in the world and when you have had you fill of sun and fun, head for the Secrets Spa by Pevonia for one of their fantastic restorative treatments. And when the sun sets, live evening shows and specialty themed events will entertain and amuse you. Relax and sip on your favorite cocktail while you listen to the contemporary sounds at Desires Music Lounge.

This and so much more await you at Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun! Carrie and John know that you will enjoy your stay at this beautiful resort but more importantly, they can’t wait to spending time with all of you, creating wonderful memories and celebrating their marriage!

Carrie & John sincerely hope you will consider joining them as they say “I Do” at the Secrets Maroma

Your Reservation

As mentioned above, Carrie and John have secured group space at the resort. Room categories being held are Junior Suite Tropical View, Junior Suite Ocean View, Junior Suite Swim Out, Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View, Preferred Club Junior Suite Swim Out, and Preferred Club Junior Suite Oceanfront.

Stays may be 3 nights or longer and you may arrive/depart on whatever days’ work best for you between February 9th and 17th. Should you require something other than what is available in the group space, Sue and Paul can assist, just let them know soon.

There are a limited number of rooms available in the block so reserving your room early is encouraged. Booking early also has the benefit of allowing you longer time to make payments on your total trip cost. The group space has a limited booking window at which time pricing is subject to change and will be based upon hotel availability.

Your Package will include:

  • All meals
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • All entertainment
  • All provided land and non-motorized water sports
  •  All hotel taxes, gratuities and airport transfers

Guests may choose to purchase their own air if they wish or Sue and Paul can arrange for you. Either way they will need complete flight information to arrange your transfers to/from the hotel and airport.

Optional but Strongly Recommended

Travel insurance is strongly recommended and multiple options exist. Please be sure to discuss this with Destination Wedding Specialists Sue or Paul Adams at GetAway Travel LLC. They can be reached at:

Phone: 262-538-2140

Email: sue@getaway.travel or paul@getaway.travel


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I drink the water?

All major hotels have their own system to re-purify the water. Many hotels and restaurants use an additional method of sterilizing the water by adding a solution called Microdin. However, due to the salts and chemicals used, many tourists and locals prefer to drink bottled water. Bottled water will be available at the hotel.

  1. What foods should I avoid so I don’t get sick?

Fruits and vegetables may come direct to a store from local farms and are not washed well. Avoid eating fruits or raw vegetables from market stands or direct from a grocery store without washing first. Hotels and restaurants catering to tourists will purify their fruits and vegetables before serving.  While it is not necessary to avoid coconuts, keep in mind that large amounts (like drinking pina- collada’s all day) may cause intestinal upset.

  1. What else can I do to avoid illness?

Always wash your hands before eating. If you decide to eat from an open air food stand, use discretion. Drink plenty of nonalcoholic fluids and do not become dehydrated.  Drink bottled water.

4. What documents will I need to enter Mexico and return to the US?


The US passport is the only acceptable proof of citizenship for travel via airplane to Mexico.  If you do not have a passport, please visit http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english.html   Currently passports are taking approximately 4-6 weeks to obtain so do not put off applying until the last-minute. Be sure the name you list on your passport is the one you give Katie & Chris’s destination wedding specialist (Sue or Paul Adams) when making your reservation?

– If you already have a passport, make sure it will be valid for 6 months beyond your travel date, if not renew it now.

-Make sure there is at least 1 empty page available for stamping (not including the very last page).

– And finally make sure the passport is in good repair (i.e. the page with your photo is not soiled, wrinkled, been through the wash or otherwise damaged – there is a chip in there that must scan).

  1. Are any other documents required?

No, there are no other documents required, however, if you have any special concerns, please feel free to discuss them with Sue or Paul when making your reservations.

  1. What do I wear to a destination wedding?

Carrie and John are planning a casually elegant ceremony.  Men will want to wear, nice shorts or lightweight slacks and collared shirts. No ties or jackets are necessary. Ladies might want to choose a sun dress or dressy capri pant outfit. For footwear, we recommend sandals. The couple requests no tank tops or beachwear please.

  1. Will my cell phone work on Mexico?

Many cell providers have plans which cover Mexico.  Contact your cell provider to get your options.  Remember, if you have a smart phone, you’ll need to ask about their international data and texting options as well.  Or just leave the cell phone at home and relax!

  1. What if I have other questions?

If you have questions that are not answered here, do not hesitate to contact Sue or Paul. They will be glad to answer any question you might have, they are here to help make your trip a great experience. Remember the only dumb question is the one you decide not to ask!

Just the Facts

Electricity:  Mexico resorts use 110 volts (like the US).  Some properties have outlets with only 2 prong so check the items you think you’ll want to bring and if necessary bring a 3 prong adapter.

Language: The official language in Spanish but English is spoken well by the majority of resort employees as well as all major restaurants, shops and tourist attractions outside the resort.

Time Zone:  Central Standard Time (one hour earlier than EST)

Money: The official currency is the Mexican Peso, but American Dollars are accepted in most places.  The exchange rate is around $10 pesos per $1 US dollar.  When staying at an all-inclusive resort it is not necessary to exchange money as you have prepaid for almost everything.  For expenses at the resort like spa treatments, your credit or debit card is fine.  For shopping outside the resort, major credit cards are widely accepted.   If you need to obtain cash while there, we recommend going to the nearest ATM and withdrawing only the amount you think you’ll need, otherwise you’ll have to pay to exchange again when you leave the country.

Safety:   Mexico is roughly the size of the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy combined with 2,500 municipalities in 31 states.  The majority of the drug related problems reported in last several years occurred in 3 of the 31 states (Chihuahua, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon).  None of these are in the tourist destinations.  To put it into even better perspective, the US is currently ranked #4 in drug related crimes, Mexico is ranked #17.  Popular tourist destinations such as the Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica have higher crime rates than Mexico.  And finally, New Orleans homicide rate is triple that of Mexico’s national homicide rate.  So, yes it is safe to travel to Mexico.

Now with that said, any place you travel you should exercise some caution and be aware of which areas to avoid and which behaviors not to participate with.  Always utilize your room safe to protect your valuables (passports, watches/jewelry, wallets, cameras) while you are out of the room. Always lock doors and patios when leaving the room. We recommend making a photo copy of your passport and carrying it in a place separate within your luggage in the event yours is lost or stolen. We also suggest you give a copy of your passport to someone back home as this will expedite replacement if needed.

Taxis: Taxis are available but can be expensive.   For your safety, we recommend having the hotel summon you a cab rather than hailing if off the street. For off property excursions, we recommend participating in an organized tour.

Telephones/Internet:  To dial Mexico from the US, dial 0111 and then the number. Check with your cellular provider to determine if your cell phone will work in Mexico.  To phone home, we suggest using a Casetas (private phone booth located in the lobby of most hotels).  This is more cost-effective than using the phone within your hotel room. Simply dial 00+1+area code+ phone number.  If you need to phone home frequently, a calling card may be your best option if you cell does not work.

Most hotels will have internet service from a central location on the property, a few have internet options in the room.  Do not expect this service to be as fast or as reliable as what you use at home.   Often there is a moderate fee for internet use at the resort.

Tipping:  At most all-inclusive resorts tips are not expected or required. However if there is someone who has shown you extra special service a small token of your appreciation is always welcome. We suggest taking a small supply of singles to give a special thanks to the person who cleans your room or that friendly bartender who has been making your drinks just the way you like them!