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You love to travel and so do we.  Travelling with friends can be a uniquely rewarding experience.  We encourage you to consider some of these enriching group trips listed below.


April 2023  – River Cruise on the Duoro river in Portugal

This is an extraordinary journey designed for culturally curious travelers. As we follow the Douro River through Portugal and into Spain, we’ll cruise past steeply terraced hillsides, quaint villages and acres of ripe vineyards.  Wine has been produced in this region for the last 2000 years.  It’s only been relatively recently – well if the 18th century is considered recent – that what is now known as Port wine has been produced.

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Sept 2023 – Venice, the Adriatic & Greece

Grand Canal of Venice after sunset with gondola

Trace spectacular Adriatic shores between romantic Venice and classical Athens and uncover the glories of past civilizations. Trace Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast to the palace at Split and stroll the medieval streets of Dubrovnik. Sail through scenic fjords to remarkably preserved Kotor, Montenegro’s gem. Call on the Greek island of Corfu and Katakolon, gateway to Olympia and birthplace of the Olympic Games.

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