Destination Weddings


A destination wedding is one of the biggest travel decisions you will ever make.  You will certainly be asking a lot of questions such as:  Where to go?  When to go?  Who to invite? How much will it cost?  Can I have a religious ceremony?  What is the experience like?

You have questions and are in luck, because we have answers for you. We are here to help, with many years of experience arranging and coordinating destination weddings.


Here’s a tip from the American Society of Travel Agents.

Leave it to a professional. After “I do,” a couple’s two favorite words will be “stress free,” if they opt to work with an expert, such as an travel consultant who specializes in planning honeymoons. For stress-free travel plans-especially those with multiple steps such as a honeymoon-seek out the expert advice of a travel agent. A good travel agent can save money as well as time, two enormous factors for a couple trying to plan a wedding and a honeymoon simultaneously.

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