Experience culture up close and personal on a river cruise

Travelers are finding river cruises more and more attractive because they offer a great immersive experience into the local culture. GetAway Travel offers a great group trip on one of the industry’s premier river cruise lines. There’s more information here — https://getaway.travel/unique-getaways/spring-city-wine-house-burgundy-river-cruise


This river cruise slated for 2022 takes you through some prime wine country in France. You can sit on the deck in your recliner and catch some sun with vineyards and great cities and villages rolling by like a travel movie.

Entertaining, relaxing and intimate

If you haven’t taken a river cruise, at GetAway Travel we can whole-heartedly recommend one, because we’ve taken many. There’s a lot to like about a river cruise and a lot to enjoy!

There is a smaller group of people on board the ship and you can make new friends. Everyone gets a room with a view. Because you are traveling on a river, there are no buffeting waves like you’d experience on the ocean.  And everything is just a short walk from your cabin.

Wi-Fi is free so you can share your experiences real time with family and friends.

Once you dock, no pressure

Once you dock, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the city with plenty to do and see.

Excursions are included in the cruise package and you can pick your activity level. Choose a tour with an activity level that is gentle, regular or active. Do you want to take a walking tour with a guide? You get your own personal headset and it’s a local guide with plenty of local insight into the area and the culture.

Maybe you want to take a bike tour or do some hiking on your own — that will be arranged. If you are a late riser, you may also be accommodated, no pressure to get up, get out and then get back because you will be leaving right away.

Pack in as much or as little activity into your shore time as you wish.

You can pick from a variety of free shore activities each day and bikes are provided if you’d like to cycle through the countryside.

There are special options you can choose, too including local cooking demonstrations and tastings. Staff is familiar with the ports and can answer your questions or make suggestions depending on what you may be interested in.

Local culture and attributes emphasized

The renowned chefs that take care of the meals on the river cruise believe in a farm to ship philosophy. Whenever possible, locally sourced items including local cheese, wine and beer and included in your meals. Perhaps you’d like to accompany the chef as he or she does the buying for the meals, check with staff, that can be arranged.

Remember, you can also choose special menu options each day including lighter fare as well as vegan, gluten free or low sodium.

Dine in any of the available restaurants. Perhaps you’d like to dine with someone you met while you were with on your daily excursion or spend some quality time with your travel buddy.

The evening entertainment whenever possible has a local flair, too. There are interesting speakers to talk about the area you’ve seen or where you are going next. There are also some world class local singers and dancers that may round out your evening.

Make some great memories

Why do we recommend river cruises? Because at GetAway Travel, we treat your travel plans like our own. We’ve done the cruises and we know you’ll make some great memories that you will treasure, because we did.

So if you’ve got that urge to try some water travel, try out a river cruise. Join one of our tours, or talk to us about the cruise you’ve been dreaming about.

As always, we can be reached at:  (262) 538-2140, e-mail: sue@getaway.travel or getaway.travel@outlook.com


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