Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Things to do in Bermuda – sun, beaches, boating, golfing and visiting caves.  Well there’s actually a lot more, but let’s focus on the caves for now.

Our ship is docked in Hamilton and a very short cab ride away can get you to the amazing Crystal Caves.  A floating pathway spans a crystal clear underwater lake with an explosion of stalactites, stalagmites and soda straws every which way you turn.  The water is a mixture of rainwater (top inch), brackish mix of fresh and salt (next few feet or so) and salt water (densest so at the bottom0.   Do to the optical effects of multiple water layers columns under water appear like you can reach out and touch them (which you would never do in the cave), but are actually sitting in 60 feet or more of water.

The cave was actually our second stop of the day – the first being the UNESCO world heritage town of St George’s.  Settled in 1612 – it’s the first permanent British settlement and oldest continuously inhabited town in the new world.  But more about that later.

Cheers!  #love2getaway


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