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Virtual Visit Week – Tuesday is for Amsterdam

We hope you enjoyed our day at the Uffizi in Florence, but it’s now time to move on.  We’re going to head about 860 miles (1380 kilometers) northwest to the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam.  Amsterdam is known for its extensive canals, impressive architecture and more than 1500 bridges.   In Amsterdam, we’re going to stop at 2 iconic locations – the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House.  

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Canal District was dug in the 17th century to attract wealthy home owners and is still quite a posh neighborhood.  Amsterdam prospered during this time and became one of the world’s great cities.  A global trading network and overseas possessions made it the center of shipping in Europe and the worlds leading financial center.

Our first stop in Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum – the national museum of The Netherlands.

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Your Invited Down Under – Thursday April 23

It’s been a difficult time for everyone, trapped at home, concerned and unable to escape. A few of my Travel Adviser mates are hosting a virtual Australia information day and we’d love you to join us. You will escape your current confinement on a fabulous pictorial journey to the land Down Under.

On Thursday, April 23 we have lined up expat-Aussie, Jeff Adam to guide us through the best of Australia. There are 4 sessions as follows:

Session 1 – 11am PT, 12pm MT, 1pm CT, 2pm ET

Session 2 – 12pm PT, 1pm MT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET

Session 3 – 1pm PT, 2pm MT, 3pm CT, 4pm ET

Session 4 – 2pm PT, 3pm MT, 4pm CT, 5pm ET

For more details on the giveaways, prizes and to register

Jeff’s got a bit of a funny accent so all attendees will get a “How to Speak Aussie” dictionary, along with an Australia Map and Travel Planner. It will be balance of great information and good Aussie humor.

Virtual Visit Week – If it’s Monday let’s go to the Uffizi

While we are not travelling right now, it’s a great time for some virtual visits.

The Galleria degli Uffizi is a prominent art museum located in the historic center of Florence, Italy.  It is one of the largest, best known, most important and most visited Italian museums.  It holds a priceless collection of art, particularly from the period of the Italian Renaissance.  

Fifteenth century Italy was unlike any place in Europe – divided between independent city-states each with a different form of government.  Florence where the Italian Renaissance began was an independent republic.  It was also a banking/commercial capital and the 3rd largest city in Europe after London and Constantinople (or do you say Istanbul?).  Wealthy Florentines flaunted their money and power by becoming patrons of the arts. 

I went to a restaurant that serves ‘breakfast at any time’. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance. – Steven Wright

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Travel Inspired Drinks To Mix Up At Home

Looking for a drink that will have you dreaming of cool European cities, warm weather destinations, or domestic metropolises? Check out some of our suggestions below and start sipping your way into vacation.   

Pimm’s Cup

We love to visit England.  This British cocktail can be found on menus at trendy bars and restaurants, and you can find the mix at most liquor stores. Try out this recipe below for a cool summertime sipper. 

Pimm’s No.1 (gin-based mix) 1.5 cups
Sprite/ginger ale 1.5 cups 
1 cucumber sliced 
2 cups strawberries muddled
1 Lemon sliced
1 cup mint leaves muddled 
3 cups ice 

Mix together in pitcher serve over ice 

Mai Tai

This is one of those drinks, that if you had it on vacation, every time you have one at home it will bring you right back to paradise. Its debated origin comes from an LA bar owner, who claimed to have made the drink for his Tahitian friend who was in town visiting. After trying the drink, the friend yelled out “very good” in Tahitian, which translates to Mai Tai. There are currently 11 ways to make a Mai Tai, check out this recipe below.   Oh – and if you are dreaming of Tahiti, you should probably check our Tahiti cruise group that’s been rescheduled for 2021

1.5 ounces spiced rum 
1.5 ounces coconut rum 
1 tsp grenadine 
3 ounces pineapple juice
 2 ounces orange juice 
1 cup of ice 

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker, serve over ice 

Piña Colada

Pina Colada is Spanish for strained pineapple and has been the National drink of Puerto Rico since 1978. Two rival bars in San Juan claim to have made the cocktail, the Caribe Hilton Hotel Beachcomber bar in 1954 and Barrachina Restaurant in 1963. Until you can try the two for yourself, make one at home today! 

2 ounces coconut cream
2 ounces pineapple juice 
1.5 ounces light rum
 .5 ounces dark rum 
1 piece fresh pineapple
2 cups of ice 

Mix all liquid ingredients together, serve over ice, and garnish with pineapple slice. 


This Brazilian cocktail is made with Cachaca, which is Brazil’s most commonly distilled alcoholic beverage, just above rum. It was invented in 1918 in Sao Paulo and was given to Spanish Flu patients medicinally. Although we can’t speak to its actual medical powers, you can try it out at home today! 

.5 lime quartered
2.5 fluid ounces of Cachaca
1 tsp white sugar 
1 cup ice cubes 

Muddle limes and sugar in the bottom of a cup, serve cachaca over ice. 


If you are a fan of a classic margarita, the Paloma is a great option to mix it up. It can be made with silver tequila and grapefruit soda, or grapefruit juice and club soda with lime. It is a fresh take on one of Mexico’s most classic drinks. 

1 grapefruit wedge 
1/4 cup grapefruit juice
1 tbs. fresh lime juice 
1 tsp. Sugar 
1/4 cup tequila 
1/4 cup club soda  

Kir Royal

This fancy cocktail will make you feel like you are sipping your bubbly at Versailles even if you are just in your living room. And although this drink will make you feel all done up, it is simple to make. A Kir Royal is champagne, and a liqueur called creme de cassis. To make, simply fill your champagne glass 2/3 full of creme de cassis and top with champagne.

Keep Dreaming – We Are Ready When You Are

For the past 21 years, we assisted making your travel dreams come true – whether it be to help you cross off your last bucket list destination, unique dining recommendations in off-the-beaten path towns, experiencing world class wineries, or acquiring your all-access front of the line passes to some of the world’s most famous historical sites.

We realize your upcoming travels have been put on pause, but now is the perfect opportunity to start planning where you will go on your next adventure when it’s time to re-emerge!  You may wish to re-book some current plans or shift to another destination.  We are still here and still dedicated to helping you discover the world.

When you book your travel dreams with GetAway Travel LLC, you not only get one-on-one professional services, but also get the support, expertise and care of our entire network of professionals.  Through our travel industry partners, we’re equipped with resources and current travel related updates.  Everything should go perfect always but if it doesn’t there is a person you can talk to on the other end of the phone.  We have your back from the very beginning of the planning process to after you return home.

The world is a big place and there is so much to see.  Keep dreaming of travel.  We are ready when you are!


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

We know the world is a very different place this year and it’s having a tremendous impact on all our lives.  As a traveler, you are already acutely aware of how connected we really are with people all around the world.  Travel helps us become a little less focused on the differences between us and we see firsthand our shared humanity.  

In today’s challenging environment we can’t ignore that contact with others may spread a virus, but we do know that travel helps share love and ideas and solutions and understanding and it makes it possible for us to enjoy our world together.

We need each other.  We need our friends across the street and people we may never know on the other side of the world.  Travel bridges these gaps. We understand travel must wait for now, but we also know it is so critical to our lives that it will always be back.


Spring City Wine House – Taste of Bordeaux River Cruise

Where’s the greatest place to explore wine in Waukesha, Wisconsin? Spring City Wine House.  Where’s one of the greatest places to explore wine in France?  Bordeaux.  So why not pair these two together by taking Spring City Wine House and its’ lucky customers to France for a 7 day Taste of Bordeaux river cruise?

Well – that’s exactly what we’re doing in November 2020 onboard the amazing AMADolce as we cruise the Garonne and Dodogne Rivers exploring all the Bordeaux area has to offer.  Just like an exquisitely blended Bordeaux, our adventure promises to be a perfect blend of gastronomic delights, French culture and lifestyle.  And wine, of course there will be plenty of wine.

For more details you can visit our web page here

In addition – please consider attending our informational evening at Spring City Wine House at 6:30 pm on Monday March 9, 2020 – please call us at 262-538-2140 to RSVP.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Ever take a cooking class on a River Cruise Ship?

Last September we had the joy of sailing with a small group aboard the Uniworld S.S. Joie de Vivre cruising from Paris to Normandy.  Everyone loved the experience onboard – the service was outstanding and the food was amazing.  One of our (many!) highlights of the trip was a group cooking class in the on board Wine Cave – La Cave des Vins.

group dinner in le cave_1

Being in Normandy, we had a welcome cocktail made with Calvados (local Apple Brandy) followed by a 4 course food and wine pairing.  The whole group assisted with all the food prep and cooking.  Our first course was an amazing sauteed foie gras atop a vanilla apple – which Continue reading

Travel and Wine – a perfect pairing. How much do you know?

How much do you know about travel and wine?  For many of you, probably quite a lot.   For others it may be time to begin a journey to find out more.

Please enjoy our very first travel and wine quiz.  It’s short, it’s fun and it may even be educational!

GetAway Travel – Wine & Travel quiz #1 

Maximum score is 25 points – good luck, let us know how you did!