Wine Tasting in Burgundy – Recycled

This post is for all of you, but especially our friend Jon, who wanted to locate all of the original posts we made on our custom tour through Burgundy in 2013.

Recycling sometimes brings to made taking waste glass, paper or plastic and reprocessing the material so it can be used again.  In our case, recycling means taking some of our most popular blog posts from 2013 and re-posting them.

We hope you enjoy.  Oh wait…  Everything can’t be just reposted material – here is a newly posted video from the trip, wherein our expert guide explains the wine appellations of Burgundy.  It’s a little dark, as we were in the wine cellar at the time, but the explanation of Burgundian wine appellations is well worth your viewing time.

Wine Tasting in Burgundy Part 1 – Moissent-Bonnard

Wine Tasting in Burgundy Part 2 – Comte Senard

Wine Tasting in Burgundy Part 3 – Pierre Andre

WIne Tasting in Burgundy – The Finale!

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