Our Latest Addition to the GetAway Office

Hello world – meet Oilibhear (Ollie) the newest staff member at GetAway Travel! 

This year on Black Friday we picked up a new puppy.  No he was not an impulse buy – we’ve actually been planning his arrival before conception occurred! 

Ollie’s about 11 weeks old now and is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  The Wheaten breed originated from Ireland, hence the Irish name of Oilibhear.   He has a nice bed and plenty of toys in the office and he enjoys chewing all of them (toys, bed, office desks, chairs, etc. – you know he’s a typical puppy).  If we’re on the phone with you and all of the sudden we shout the word “NO”, please don’t take offense.  That’s just our encouragement for Ollie not to use the office as a restroom!   He is still in training so let’s just call it an unpaid intern position – although he constantly pays us with plenty of kisses!

While OIlie does not yet collect a salary, he does receive many perks such as free meals, fresh water, a huge yard, all the toys a pup could want and very generous health care benefits.

Ollie came to us from the same “staffing agency” that brought us both Fergus and Feena, which while they are no longer with us still occupy gargantuan spaces in our hearts.  Here’s a link to Ollie’s breeder on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/vanbeardwheatens  where you can also find updates on Ollies’ 3 sisters and 2 brothers all of which seem to be living the highlife.  

So Ollie – welcome to GetAway Travel.  We think you have a very bright future ahead of you.  Please be aware that during your initial intern assignment that performance appraisals occur on a very frequent basis.  Positive reviews will noted with the words – “Good Boy”.  Negative reviews will typically begin with the word “No” followed by explicit words explaining what you may did wrong.   Regardless though we promise to always love and cherish you as a valued member of the agency.


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