Top 10 Reasons to have GetAway Travel help Plan your next Vacation – #7

Family & Multi-generational travel

You know what is more fun than Grandma & Grandpa taking their kids and grandchildren on vacation?  That’s easy!  Leaving the kids at home and only taking the grandchildren!

Multi-generational travel creates amazing experiences for you and your family that they will never forget.   It’s no longer about long boring car trips like when we were kids and how dad could reach into the back seat and with 1 swipe discipline 3 kids at time.  We are talking exciting Dude Ranch experiences, relaxing Caribbean Beach vacations, backstage  access at Disney World, seeing the works of the great masters at Uffizi gallery in Florence, Railroads through Alaska, visiting a 3rd century Terracotta Army and so very much more.

You already love to travel and you know how wonderful it is.  Why not share the experience with the whole extended family?  Family travel is meant to be an enriching and relaxing experience with loved ones, not a stressful one.  Once you let us take care of all the details – all you need to do is be ready for new experiences that everyone will always talk about.

#7 Family Travel


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