Top 10 Reasons to have GetAway Travel help Plan your next Vacation – #8

River Cruising!

If you have ever taken a river cruise, you already know how special it is.  If you have not, you should really consider what is one of the most relaxing and enriching modes of travel ever created.

From our friends at Uniworld “A stately castle appears across the water and suddenly your day-to-day concerns and responsibilities seem very far away.  Now you’re in another world – a world where the scenery of charming hillside villages and old-world cities changes day after day, where you’ll unpack once, sleep on the finest of sheets and bedding, dine on a parade of culinary delights and comfort feeds, and find yourself unabashedly pampered.  RIver cruising is without a doubt the most relaxing and stylish way to travel, and why many agree that the road best traveled is the river…”

We have the expertise you need to plan your River Cruising GetAway!

Yes – those are vineyards in the hills across the river from where the boat is docked in Tournon / Tain l’Hermitage in France!

#8 river cruising

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