Bermuda – home of shorts and rare cruises

We made it!

Travel in the age of Covid-19 is still possible.  For some destinations – there a just a few hurdles you need to jump through.  Bermuda is a small and proud nation (officially a British Overseas Territory) that consists of 181 islands making up its 20 some square miles of land.  The largest is Main Island, also called Bermuda.  The 8 largest islands are connected by bridges.

Bermuda is in the Atlantic Ocean – not the Caribbean Sea – the closest land to it is about 650 miles west, the outer banks of North Carolina.

It has a rich history, and when originally settled by the British in 1612 was called Virgineola.  St. Georges town (which we will visit later this week) is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the New World.

To get here in the age of Covid you need to first be vaccinated – then no greater than 4 days before travel you need to test negative, and upload all your proof to a Bermuda travel web site for verification.  Only after you receive verification can you actually get on a plane and come here.  Once here you will will go through immigration and customs like any other international destination.  After gathering your bags you will be tested again and given a bracelet that must be worn until the test results come back to you via email.   Until the email shows up you must quarantine at your hotel.  This was not a big deal – we ordered dinner last night from a local restaurant, had it delivered and sat out at the front garden of our hotel with great food and of course access to the hotel bar!

We’re here with our friends Brenda and Dave – well seasoned travelers themselves and always ready for fun. 

Our results showed up early this morning about 16 hrs after testing – we were told it can take up to 36 hours.  After getting the results we are now free to move about the island.

Today we make our way to the Viking Orion for a 7 day cruise – around the island of Bermuda.  That’s why it’s rare!  It’s a unique itinerary, specially crafted for today’s market – there are only 2 stops at 2 different ports in Bermuda.  We are greatly looking forward the cruise and will post plenty of pictures on Facebook for all our friends!

Everyone has been great here – the health ministry staff at the airport were very friendly and helpful.  Be assured – travel is still happening and still one of the most rewarding activities you can do!  Got my Bermuda shorts on and ready to explore (well technically mine are cargo shorts and Sue’s are capri!)


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