Wine tasting in Burgundy part 1 – Moissenet-Bonnard

We recently had the privilege to take a group of friends on a trip to the French regions of Burgundy & Provence.  First we all met up in the gorgeous town of Beaune and began our adventures by taking a custom tour through Burgundy Côte d’Or, home of some of the greatest names of Burgundy wine and where all the Grand Crus vineyards are located.  Burgundy is by far one of the most terroir conscious areas in France.

From our friends at Wikipedia “The wine-growing part of this area in the heart of Burgundy is just 40 kilometres (25 mi) long, and in most places less than 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) wide. The area is made up of tiny villages surrounded by a combination of flat and sloped vineyards on the eastern side of a hilly region, providing some rain and weather shelter from the prevailing westerly winds. The best wines – from Grand Cru vineyards – of this region are usually grown from the middle and higher part of the slopes, where the vineyards have the most exposure to sunshine and the best drainage, while the Premier Cru come from a little less favourably exposed slopes. The relatively ordinary “Village” wines are produced from the flat territory nearer the villages. The Côte de Nuits contains 24 out of the 25 red Grand Cru appellations in Burgundy, while all of the region’s white Grand Cru wines are in the Côte de Beaune. This is explained by the presence of different soils, which favour Pinot noir and Chardonnay, respectively. ”

You’re in Burgundy, you will drink either Pinot Noir or Chardonnay – that’s pretty much it, cause really what else do you need?  Not a fan of either of these grapes?  Well then you probably haven’t had the Premier and Grand Crus.  These are some of the most outstanding wines on the planet!

Still not convinced?  Well these guys in Burgundy are really serious about their wines – so much so that they have an order of about 12,000 knights worldwide that are devoted to it.

Our lucky group’s first stop in Burgundy was on the Routes des Grands Crus in the well-known town of Pommard at the cellars of Moissenet-Bonnard.

WIth 8 generations of grape growing and wine making, you could taste the passion and feel the enthusiasm that goes into every bottle they produce.

The favorite for our group was the Pommard Premier Cru “Les Epenots” 2007.  You should go get some to enjoy with our next posting!

Look good?  Well we can do the same thing for your group as well!

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  1. idrinkforaliving

    Love this post; I am a HUGE Burgundy fan. Plus, I almost flipped out because I represent a winery that makes a Burgundy called “Les Epenottes” and did a double-take.

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